ROWE Brings Performance Dedication and Sustainable Efforts to SRO America

ROWE Brings Performance Dedication and Sustainable Efforts to SRO America

ROWE Motor Oil joins SRO Motorsports America as the Official Lubricant and sponsor of the ROWE Pole Award. The partnership joins like-minded companies set on helping racers reach their prime performance while using modern advances to promote environmental stability.

ROWE is proudly Made in Germany. The global company was founded in 1995 in a garage and now boasts a nearly 400,000-square-foot facility in Worms, Germany in which all operations are carried out. From bottles to products, ROWE keeps as much as possible in-house. The family-owned company prides itself on its efficiency at home as much as it does the performance of the products it puts in the hands of customers.

Intertwined in the SRO global universe, many race fans who follow motorsports abroad may be familiar with the successful ROWE RACING team. The Nürburgring is considered the “living room” with its close proximity and the home-field advantage luck has treated the team well. ROWE RACING won the 24-hours race at Nüburgring in 2020 and has celebrated twice atop the CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa podium. 

Michael Zehe, founder and Managing Director of ROWE, is fond of what motorsport brings his company.

"Endurance racing offers us the best opportunities to make ROWE products even better,” Zehe said, “The technology transfers from the race track to the shelf. In addition to our enthusiasm for the sport, our commitment always focuses on the benefits for customers."

SRO Motorsports made a global commitment to reaching Carbon Neutrality by signing The Climate Pledge. SRO is the only racing series to have signed the pledge orchestrated by Amazon. This commitment, announced in January of 2023, was the final building block that brought ROWE and SRO America. ROWE has been Carbon neutral since 2017.

“We believe in the ROWE product line and in what they’re striving to achieve as a company,” said SRO America Vice President of Business Development Robbie Montinola. “I think that is where this relationship stems from; the mutual belief in what the other is trying to accomplish. Our goal this year is to help educate fans on all the benefits of ROWE product performance. I think it will be easy to do with the passionate people backing both SRO America and ROWE.”

SRO Motorsports America and its four series including Fanatec GT World Challenge America powered by AWS, GT America powered by AWS, Pirelli GT4 America, TC America powered by Skip Barber bring the 2023 race season into full swing at Sonoma Raceway. The weekend begins with practice Thursday, March 30 and ends with a second round of racing on Sunday, April 2. Tickets are on sale now.